The Detoxify Quest 2 – Natural Deodorant Test

This test took over a year, was sometimes uncomfortable and a little embarrassing – thank you to the boy for only giggling at me when I stank to the high heavens – but I believe I have found the best natural deodorant for me.  My sister and I tested a range of products in the quest to detoxify. 

I started with Crystal. This was a traumatic time for me, when I truely learnt of my natural odour and that I do not actually wish to share it with anyone else. It gets this score for the pink lid. I like pink. 1/5

Next was Dr Organic Rose Otto Deodorant. £5.79 found in good old H&B. It smells lovely, but I didn’t. It would last me a good 4 or so hours before I became aware of my own fragrance but was a big improvement on what I had tried so far so I kept going for 2 bottles whilst I looked for something else. This would be fine in autumn.  In a stress free environment.  Whilst strolling in a light breeze. 3/5 

Ok so this may be a little unfair because I never actually tried it, it wasn’t natural enough for me, so my sister did and when I asked her how it was she shook her head sadly. And that was the end. 

Next, could this be the one?  Oh Lordy.  Primal Pit Paste  All natural and organic, I ordered both a stick and a jar as I wasn’t immediately down with rubbing it on with my fingers, now I stick to jars.  Prices range from £7-12 for 56g, depending on where you shop.  I was amazed the first day as I didn’t stink or sweat. It works wonderfully as a deoderant.  I did have a period of mild irritation. I combatted this by moisturising my armpits and washing the deoderant off when not needed. My favourite scent is Lime and Coconut.  The best thing about it is waking up unstinky.   Gradually I stopped smelling!  Unfortunately though, it can stain delicate clothing – leaving greasy patches in the armpit of my favourite silky T. But I can tolerate that, plus I wore it on my wedding day and it didn’t let me down.  This is da shizzle.  4.5/5

Just to make sure, I tried one more.  I found Fit Pit at the Just V Show in London and tried a small £3 pot. It lasted just over 1 and a half months – sometimes used twice a day. I’m happy with it, it works, but I didn’t love it as much as the Pit Paste which was a bit more solid.  I noticed that I sweated a little more and might not make it to the end of the day without smelling a little sour.  At stressful or busy times I would need a top up. I didn’t like the texture so much – a little grainy. No burn or discomfort. The fragrance is pleasant but not wonderful. It’s a little greasy and marked delicate clothing so beware of the silks. 4/5 Back on the Primal.

If I’m going out after work, I will top up with a spritz of Weleda. Wild Rose £7.95 for 30ml is my favourite.

Going natural isn’t easy – in some working environments it can be a sackable offense to have natural body odour. At first I was so paranoid and kept a can of poison spray deodorant with me at all times. Now,  if I forget to put deodorant in the morning – no one will know!!

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