Gaucho Canary Wharf, London

**2 Stars**
I was quite excited to take my mother to Gaucho along with my brother but it was crap.  The service and food were seriously lacking.
We arrived early to have cocktails at the bar, but after being directed to a table we were abandoned and had to ask for menus.  When our orders arrived I was happy as Larry, the Giovannoni cocktail was goooood.  Too strong for mum so I happily drank hers.
After drinks we asked to be seated at our table as we had been forgotten again.  We then had to ask for dinner menus as the waiter that seated us forgot them. Later, we had to ask for napkins. It was a bit annoying as it was mothers day and I wanted the staff to be a bit more attentive.
The food was not tasty.
  • We started of with Chorizo sausage – which my bro said was tasteless and could have been any sausage from Tesco.
  • Shrimp Causita – which my mother ordered but I had to eat as they hadn’t warned her about the chilli and my mum is intolerant to the fiery stuff.  I couldn’t finish them because they were a bit gross and the prawns were half raw and slimy.
  • Shrimp Agua Chilli which didn’t seem to have any chilli in it at all.  It did occur to me later that the chef may have gotten the two prawn starters mixed up and put the quail egg meant for my mum’s dish on mine… hence the chilli being served to my mother.  Hmmm.
Big bro wanted a big juicy steak but chose Lomoa La Milanesa which was described as a fillet steak in breadcrumbs.  When it arrived me and my mum had a good laugh.  It was 2 measly thin crusty escalope type things which my brother chewed for quite a while.  Should have served it with hedge trimmers.  I chose the Burrata – not great and Scamorza and Potato Ravioli – big mistake.  I sent that ish straight back to the kitchen.  It was over salted and hard, under a non-specific yellow sauce.  The hostess turned waitress asked if I would like it redone and I told her no because it wasn’t going to taste any better.  Side dishes of Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms with garlic which I love normally, were limp and tasteless.  The sweet potato chips were good though and mother liked her Patagonian Grilled Lamb Cutlets – though the cocktail may have gone to her head…
There is an outside dining area with a great view of the Docklands and the place is nicely furnished but it was a big disappointment considering that the Gaucho in Dubai has a great reputation.
Price around £40 per head.
Gaucho, 29 Westferry Circus, London, E14 8RR
Visited March 2014
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