The Detoxify Quest 1 – Oil Pulling 

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she was trying oil pulling. Everyone started raving about it so I thought I would look it up too.

Now there is lots of information and blogs etc on the subject so I won’t bother rehashing what they’re all saying but basically oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practise where you swish oil about in your mouth for 15-20 minutes preferably in the morning on an empty stomach when your mouth is most rancid and the oil pulls nasty toxins out of your dirty gums. It is said to have a whole heap of benefits:
Whiten teeth
Clears acne
Healing properties
Eliminates harmful toxins
And the list goes on.

What’s the harm? None, it’s oil.  Unless you swallow it.  Gross.  No real harm.  Just gentle gagging.

Day 1
So I started my new practise on Sunday 23rd March 2014. Morning after a hen weekend. Perfect timing!!  I chose seasame oil – cold pressed.  The smell and texture of it made me want to vomit initially but alcohol filled nights can do that to you.  After 7 minutes my cheeks were fatigued and I thought “bloody hell this is horrid”.  I continued to my full 20 minutes and was very proud, spat the milky gunk out and immediately looked to see if the spot on my forehead had disappeared.  It hadn’t surprisingly.  I have taken a before picture of my teeth. Not sure if I want to share it lol.

Day 3
Last night I put the oil by my bed so that I could take it first thing when I wake up, I like to lay in bed for 10 minutes to let my body wake up so thought it would be a good idea to start then.  Some people meditate.  I watched ufc.

Week 2
Can it be a coincidence that I am sleeping better?

I’ve been having trouble sleeping since I returned to London 3 months ago, to the point where I was using my Fit Bit to track my sleep – I woke up a minimum 6 times a night, the worst being 17 times!!! Yeah, miserable mornings. Last week I slept well and on the 2 occasions that I did wake up, I fell to sleep again without trouble.

I had a tooth removed this week, the dentist had never heard of oil pulling which didn’t surprise me, but said I can continue after 24 hours.

My first bottle of oil is running low, which should I try next…

Month 2

Sunflower Oil
This month I thought I would try Sunflower oil.  Gross.  It’s quite strong and I can’t wait for the bottle to finish.  I’ve convinced my mum to start too so I can get rid of this bottle quicker.

I haven’t noticed any more changes yet. My teeth are the same colour. My skin and nails are the same….

Month 3
My mum stopped the trial because she broke out in a rash all around her mouth. She slathered honey all over it and gave up, unconvinced when I told her that that was all the toxins coming out. Of her face. 😏

photo 3

The nasty sunflower oil is finished and I’ve decided to try coconut oil – known for it’s antibacterial effect and general goodness. I don’t like coconuts much but found this the most pleasant of the 3 oils tried so far, although my mouth didn’t know what to do with it (it’s solid and feels very wrong).  At first I couldn’t help chewing it and not knowing how much to put in my mouth I shoved in 2 huge teaspoons full which turned out to be too much.  I started to foam and oil was oozing down my chin, onto my clean duvet and new rug. I now know that one heaped teaspoon is sufficient.

I have noticed a change, but not the change I was hoping for.  I have spots.  Not rash like bumps around the mouth like my mum, but big puss filled gross spots on one side of my face… Is there anything in that – spots in certain places meaning something… Anyway, not too happy about those but if I’m getting rid of toxins, yay.

I took a comparison photo of my teeth and they do a appear to be an incy wincy teeny bit whiter. Or that could just be the lighting… Lol

One other thing – my scalp isn’t so dry, I have less dandruff – but then again my scalp does tend to go crazy every time the seasons change…

Ugh! How will I know that it’s working?

Month 4
 A few weeks ago I had to stop using coconut oil.  My front bottom teeth had become really sensitive and  tartar had started to build up behind my teeth worrying my tongue.  I know it was the coconut oil unfortunately because the pain stopped when I stopped using it!  I switched back to sunflower oil – which doesn’t taste so disgusting anymore and a couple of days later the pain was gone.  I suspect this has to do with sugar in the coconut oil… I guess the original oil pulling programme only suggests sunflower or sesame oil for a reason…

I now pull without thinking and it doesn’t bother me time-wise like it used to.  One big difference – I don’t get midday bad breath anymore – you know in between breakfast and lunch when your mouth starts to go sour… or is that just me – whatever, no more of that which is great.  No more big spots either – phew!

Year 2

I have one important update. Within the first year I let the oil run out, I went on holiday and then just forgot about it. During this time, I saw a consultant about getting braces and was surprised to hear I had a little gum disease.  Grossed out, I saw a hygienist and started oil pulling again immediately, it cleared up and has stayed away since.  I won’t be stopping again!  I do get less spots and I generally sleep better, but I think it is a combination of my change of diet and the pulling. 

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